Gordan Adams

The support given by Bless is just what our community needs. They helped me learn out to relax and inspired me to focus on my life in a more positive way. They offer groups and course that I couldn't have accessed anywhere else. Thank you for all your support.

Lindsey Mawson

Bless community services is a fantastic organisation n is needed in our village it has help so many people (including me) in the short space of time it's been open if it wasn't for the amazing caring lovely Julie Green

Paula Craven

Just want to say thank you BLESS - this is a genuine caring service that this community has needed for a long time.

Daniel HunteR

Thanks to Bless having attended the mindfulness course I'm now more positive and slightly more confident and I'm surprised at this but glad as I think this will help me going forward for the rest of my life potentially.
park your pre mis-conceptions at the door its not mumbo jumbo.